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I think that I can draw a line in the sand here

I was one person before going into the DG Institute Real Estate Rescue Program and then there’s the person that I am now.

And I can honestly say that I am a better, happier, more hopeful person on this side of the line.

I do have to give Dominique Grubisa credit. She was extremely gifted at selling me on the program. I was already quite interested when I first watched the promos, but I became a sold believer by the time the second hour of the program came around. It was intense and life-changing!

Ok, so, here’s the breakdown. I went into this program with my eyes wide open. I knew of Dominique Grubisa because some girlfriends of mine had previously attended the DG Institute Real Estate Rescue Event, and they said I HAD to go. Unless I had heard from someone who’d actually been there, I don’t think I would have ever checked it out myself. But I’m glad I did. And it’s why I’m writing this review for whoever comes across it. You know me. You know I’m straight-up. And you know that when I say that something is legitimately amazing, I’m not exaggerating.

Dominique is not the first real estate “guru” that I’ve come across. I didn’t know much about real estate before heading into the program (and if I’m honest, I realised just how much I didn’t know), but I think Dominique’s style, easy manner, and very truthful approach gave me hope that even I, real estate noob that I am, could make this work for me.

Real Estate Rescue’s Rewards

As I said, I’m a doe-eyed beginner when it comes to real estate. I know how to pay my mortgage, and I know how to fix a blocked drain, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge about property. So, when I first sat down for the DG Institute Real Estate Rescue Program, everything coming at me was like drinking from a fire hose. Court documents? Property values? Distressed homes? Damn! This is way beyond me.

Or so I thought.

Dominique Grubisa and her team walked us through every step of the strategy. At first, it feels like you’re overwhelmed with information and terms, but because the DG Institute has been doing this for so long, they knew when it was too much, and when to slow down so people like me could catch up.

I have my note pad right here beside me, and it’s just chock full of scribbles and notes. I wish I could share it all with you! But there are a few things that I circled, underlined, and highlighted.

First, I don’t need to borrow huge gobs of money to work this strategy. I think that was going to be a deal-breaker for me because my credit, well, she ain’t so good right now. But Dominique showed us, step by step, just how to do a massive takeover deal and make profits without ever getting a loan.

Next, the DG Institute Real Estate Rescue strategy showed me that I can be FIRST to see the properties that are ripe for the taking. By viewing court documents in real time, I’m not competing against all the other investors out there for the deals.

Then, I found out that I can do this anywhere in the country. Nothing to find in Sydney? No problem, let’s see what Adelaide’s got. Or Geelong. Or Townsville. Or Bendigo. I loved that part!

Dominique Grubisa – Phony? Or For Real?

What really helped me was that everyone I met was in the same boat. We all wanted to find a better way to make money. We all wanted to find financial freedom. And we all knew that Dominique Grubisa and her DG Institute was the real deal.

Dominique is so passionate about real estate. Her background in legal and real estate makes her the ideal person to talk about this unique strategy. But what really sold me, (and let’s be real, convinced me this wasn’t a fraud) was when Dominique opened the curtain on the numbers that her graduates were making. $68,000 in Cranbourne. $100,000 in Geelong. $150,000 and more! Yeah, OK, I get it. She’s not just selling this strategy, she’s got real people who can back up her claims!

So, to answer the question, is it for real? It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

DG Institute Real Estate Rescue – Cost and Reward

Yeah, this wasn’t a cheap bargain. I paid a mighty hefty sum to be a part of this program. And I know that there are some of you who complain and whinge that this should be cheap. But I’m glad I paid it. As Dominique showed us, most people make their money back from their first deal alone. Woo-hoo!

I really feel like I walked away from DGI Sydney with WAY more value for the price I paid. I figured that if I wanted to really see a change in my life (Watch this space!), I figured that I had to invest in myself.

And that’s what this truly is, an investment in myself. Dominique Grubisa and her DG Institute Real Estate Rescue have shown me that I can take the next step on my own.

Only, I don’t have to be on my own…

If I ever feel overwhelmed or forget a step, the Real Estate Rescue program gives me access to an online portal at (with everything that you get at the in-person program), and a whole community of DGI experts, people who can help me every step of the way.

Oh! And the best part! Dominique Grubisa includes all these extra monthly webinars as a bonus, giving you all this extra info for free.

Dominique Grubisa Reviews Summary

Ok, this lady is the real deal. I didn’t think much (or at all) of real estate at all before my friends told me all about DGI Australia and the Real Estate Rescue program. But I’m glad they did.

And if you’re reading this, you are my friend. I’m telling you, friend to friend, run, don’t walk to be a part of the next DG Institute Real Estate Rescue program. Dominique Grubisa is my girl! If you go simply to meet her, you’ll be so glad you did. This lady is passionate, convincing, and honest.

I’m going to make this easy for you. Go to Just watch the promo. And then tell me if you’re ready to change your life.

You’ll be glad you did.

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